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BOTOBLOOM! by Alice’s Wonderland
(Bototoy Launch & Exhibit of Arnold Austria ~ Ronac Art Center ~ March 27, 2012)

BOTOBLOOM! by Alice’s Wonderland

(Bototoy Launch & Exhibit of Arnold Austria ~ Ronac Art Center ~ March 27, 2012)



A Construction 1st Birthday (September 4, 2011)

I have been so delinquent with my blog posts, I know! And we have a backlog of such great photos to share from our parties during the last quarter of 2011. :)

First up, let me share pictures from our “Construction 1st Birthday Party” for baby Marcus.

The party was done in one of my favorite venues — the Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse.  Mommy Maan had a very distinct idea of how she wanted her son’s birthday to look and feel like, and we were very happy to have done her vision some justice.  Fun road signs marked the entrance of the venue, as well as the significant activity and play areas inside.

Here’s how the inside looked like!

Chairs in a natural wood finish were used, and assorted toys and construction elements like traffic cones and construction hats became part of the centerpieces.

Marcus’ Dessert Table and Mini Gallery.

Time for some details… the cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cake were all done by Angela Colet of Swell Sweets. Personalized bubble water bottles were also added to the dessert table — such cute containers for refreshing H2O! 

TIP: Looking for toppers or other decorative elements for your cake? Take a trip to your toy store and see what small things you can put on your sweets! That’s what we did for Marcus’ birthday cake! That’s a toy bulldozer on top :)

Marcus’ Mini Gallery. 

WARNING: Expect Excessive Cuteness!

Awesome cookies in construction tool shapes by French Kiss (  Look for Belle to place your orders through 0915-7010626 :)

Kids got to bring home toolboxes with fun toys courtesy of the Mom!

A simple way we dressed up the chairs — we used ordinary CAUTION tape from the local hardware to spruce up the seats :)

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!



Learn about Event Styling & Production Design from Bambi Hernandez in the SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) ENTERTAINING IN STYLE WORKSHOP. Starts this November! Every Mondays from 1:00-4:00pm (Nov. 7, 14, 21 and 28). Enroll through (+632) 478-4611.

Learn about Event Styling & Production Design from Bambi Hernandez in the SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) ENTERTAINING IN STYLE WORKSHOP. Starts this November! Every Mondays from 1:00-4:00pm (Nov. 7, 14, 21 and 28). Enroll through (+632) 478-4611.



A Pinwheel Baptism (August 27, 2011)

Here’s a celebration that was one week in the making. But my-oh-my how pretty it turned out with all the little hand-made pinwheels we had as our main decor :)  Special thanks to Krissy Rodriguez of Little People Photography for recommending me to Mommy Hennie, and for sharing with me her snapshots from that bright afternoon.

The Japanese Room at Circles already had an orange and green motif for its interiors, so during my initial meeting with the Mom, I suggested to her that we play with these colors too for the decor.  No need to re-invent the wheel when coming up with a theme or color story for your parties.  A lot of times, it’s wiser to work with the aesthetics of your space so that the look of your party is coherent with the structure. :) 

So from the Oranges and the Greens of the venue, below is the invite we designed for Baby Garrett’s baptism.

Two long tables were lined up with happy floral arrangements in our key colors.  The pinwheels added a whimsical and dreamy feeling to the centerpieces! 

For this party, we hand-made a little over 100 pinwheels in complementing paper prints.  If you’re crafting pinwheels too, and are wondering where to get good paper, just head on down to the gift wrapping section of any bookstore for a wide array and selection of wrapping paper.  We just used gift wrappers for this project, and the key to really making this work is to pick out combinations that will highlight your color story well :)

Guests were encouraged to write special messages for Baby Garrett on his baptism day.

Garrett’s accent table which doubled as a display area for his most precious things! Never underestimate the magic behind seemingly mundane objects.  A pinwheel is such a simple craft project, and yet, when done in multiplicity, can beautify any space instantly.

Garrett’s baby items with anecdotes from the Mom :)

Feeling up to the challenge of creating your own Pinwheel Party? :) Follow the instructions below to create your own version of these fun, little objects!

                                                                          (photo from Google)



Catch some house party tips from Alice’s Wonderland in the October 2011 issue of MEG Magazine :)

Catch some house party tips from Alice’s Wonderland in the October 2011 issue of MEG Magazine :)



Alice’s Wonderland’s Workshop in November

SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) just asked me to teach a 4-Day workshop on “Entertaining w/ Style”! Every MONDAY (Nov. 7, 14, 21 and 28). Sign-up details soon!



Arie’s Chinoiserie 1st Birthday (August 20, 2011)

When did first birthdays get too cute for words??? The credit for this fantastic theme goes to mom, Mia Cenzon, who had a complete mood board all prepared when we started to discuss Arie’s party! :)

Chinoiserie is actually a French word which describes a decorative style based on Chinese-inspired elements. And I was quite excited to translate the mom’s initial ideas into a fun and modern party set-up fit for the cute little birthday girl.

Again, special thanks to Karen Ilagan for allowing me to use her wonderful photos from that afternoon.

The piece de resistance of our setup — a metal tree filled with bright pink paper lanterns which we positioned at the center of the room.  The kids’ tables were placed directly under this structure to give them the impression of sitting underneath a larger-than-life cherry blossom tree.  Plus, the stark fuchsia colors proved to be very attractive even for the toddlers!

Ghost chairs supplied by my good friend, Florence Chan (of Olive Tree Philippines), gave the setup a very modern twist and kept it from feeling too “old-worldly”.  These chairs definitely added a real flair to the party :)  Versatile enough for any theme or occasion, these ghost chairs are available for rent through her.  E-mail her at or for inquiries.


Centerpieces were composed of flowers in gilded birdcages and sakura branches in golden pots, complete with perched green birds which were 100% handmade by the Alice’s Wonderland team. I take pride in the fact that there’s almost always something handmade in each of our parties :)  DIY elements give our setups a very quaint edge to them, which I’m happy a lot of people appreciate and enjoy.

Arie’s Special Table — a buffet of sweets for the absolute sweetest guests! Plus Chinese take-out boxes with treats for the kids (courtesy of Arie’s grandmother).

Angela Colet of Swell Sweets wows us with another cake masterpiece.  I heard Arie’s dad even had to drive out of town to purchase the porcelain celadon birds that topped off Gel’s creation.  Mommy Mia shared that the gas and toll fees were even more expensive than the birds themselves.  Now, that’s what you call commitment to your little girl’s first birthday!  :)

Even supermarket wafer sticks looked awesome on the dessert table together with cookie lollipops made by Gel Colet of Swell Sweets.

More detail shots of our dessert table, plus mini cupcakes also by Gel Colet.

A sakura tree greeted the guests at the entrance, plus photos and special anecdotes from Arie’s first 12 months were displayed on the dessert table as well.  These “precious moments” were endearing reads for the guests during the party.

Mommy Mia got a Chinese calligrapher for the party as an added activity for the guests.  We printed Arie’s birthday logo on the parchment papers and displayed rows of them ala clothesline style :)

Each kid got a paper lantern as they arrived which they were free to decorate and stylize.  All strung up, this little corner showcased these little masterpieces by the children.   

So, are you feeling the whole Chinoiserie movement? :)

During my research for this party, I stumbled upon — lovely ideas on how to incorporate a bit of this fancy, Asian vibe into your home and your life.  I also have this book called Domino: The Book of Decorating that features the most adorable Chinoiserie cover artwork.  I was actually drawn to the book because of the cover, and was happy to find that it was such a great read too! It’s one of my favorite design books to date and has helped me with my own little home makeover projects. You too can grab the most inspired ideas from its pages!

Catch you next time as I share with you more works by Alice’s Wonderland! :)



Isabella’s Butterfly Garden Baptism (July 31, 2011)

I’m finally getting around to working on my post backlogs, and I AM SO EXCITED to share with you the photos from the Butterfly Garden Baptism we did for Metro Weddings Editor-In-Chief Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro!  It makes my work so much easier when clients have a distinct vision in mind — and Michelle was very specific with what she wanted to achieve for her little girl’s baptism reception :) 

With hues of pinks, purples, and pewter, here’s how we made the Continental Room of the Palms Country Club in Alabang a true Butterfly Garden.  Special thanks to Karen Ilagan for sharing with me the pictures she took from the function. 

I hope you guys are ready for some seriously gorgeous photos!!!

We made a letter “I’” out of silk flowers which served as the focal point of the entryway.  Plus detail shots of the other decorative elements we placed around it.

These wishcards were the lovely idea of the Mom! The messages of the guests were so sweet and touching. I’m sure Isabella would love to read these when she gets to be a bit older.

Isabella’s gift table and some additional photos we displayed of her! The photos were perfect for our theme, and so reminded me of nostalgic Thumbelina sketches from my childhood fairytale books. So so CUTE!

I’m especially proud of our centerpieces! Aren’t they beautiful?  Michelle had gotten boxes of butterflies in assorted colors from the States, and we tried to place them in as many areas as possible. 

You can make centerpieces like this too — all you need is a large round plate, some floral foam, a mason jar, some iodized salt (or flour) for the “sand effect” inside the jar, and regular wire from your hardware store.  :)

Our DESSERT TABLE — cake and cupcakes by Angela Colet of Swell Sweets.

Cookie lollipops and cake pops by Joanna Romero of Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse.  We also displayed personalized M&Ms from the Mom which they ordered from the States printed with Bella’s name. Go to for more info on personalized M&Ms.

Giveways for the guests — the Mom individually packed sweets into the cutest crocheted baby booties :) Truly a labor of love by Michelle. Plus cookies and pashminas for the godparents. 

The pretty colors of the flowers and decorative elements brightened that gloomy and really, really RAINY Sunday!

The “happy chaos” that happened before the final setup… :)

The baby bootie giveaway display plus Lily, hard at work on the centerpieces. The tricky part was in making spiral patterns with the wire!

All ready to go!  We had 1 hour for actual placement of the decor since the Continental Room was serving a buffet lunch.  Whew! An hour is a blink of an eye for a setup, and we finished the space just as the first family guests arrived! Nice one, team! :)



Our BUTTERFLY GARDEN Baptism for Michelle Alejandro’s baby girl, ISABELLA as featured in
Catch my entry on this purple and pink paradise this week!

Our BUTTERFLY GARDEN Baptism for Michelle Alejandro’s baby girl, ISABELLA as featured in

Catch my entry on this purple and pink paradise this week!




A Shabby-Chic Twin Birthday Party (July 30, 2011)

Twins are double the fun and double the joy! 

Sabrina and Samantha celebrated their 2nd Birthday in Shabby-Chic style, which the mom wanted to achieve by bringing a dose of the outdoor gardens in.  We transformed a penthouse residence into a land of floral prints, inspired by Rachel Ashwell’s world of “perfect imperfections.”

Mixed floral patterns for the linens, and brown garden parasols decorated with white lanterns flanked Sab & Sam’s dessert table.  White glass lanterns with flowers inside were the centerpieces for the tables.

Photos of the twins (taken by Karen Ilagan) were displayed on the tables together with fun facts about them. 

Another “wow” cake by Olive Chan of All Caked Up.  I love the little bird perched on its middle layer! Too cute!

Cupcake giveaways for the adults.

More giveaways for the adults! We had tote bags custom made with Shabby-Chic fabric as their straps.  Also below, yummy BIZU Macaron de Paris in candy-colored hues.

Kids brought home little stools which we also had custom made :) I personally love the dragonfly design.

We made the most out of the existing furniture of this penthouse venue and decided to make our own Shabby-Chic lounge area! This was a hit among the adults during the party :)  See the rocking horse too?  Also custom made for the twins.

Happy Birthday Sab & Sam!!!

Are you a fan of the Shabby-Chic look?  Check out Rachel Ashwell’s books for inspirations on this design style :)